Corolla / Carova Beach Delivery

We are now accepting delivery requests for Corolla, and Carova Beach clients.

We need 15 delivery requests in Corolla/Carova Beach to make this service viable. This delivery route will be combined with the current Southern Shores, Duck, and Sanderling delivery route “OBX-NORTH”.

  1. Signup for the weekly “Veggi-eMail” at: Weekly Veggi-eMail Signup Form

    Take a look at the newly published April 12, 2022 Veggi-eMail
  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with the weekly specials, and links to order online.
  3. Shop and place your Veggie Delivery order online at:

    You may pre-pay for your order via secure Credit Card* transaction; PayPal Express; PayPal, or CashOnDelivery with cash, check, money order or “VeggieBucks“.

    * Credit card payments are pre-authorized at time of order. Payments are “captured” or charged at the time of successful delivery / fullfillment.

We will not be able to currently deliver to the off-road areas of Carova Beach. So that we may service Carova Beach clients, we will establish a pickup point in Corolla, at an agreed upon date and time.

Weekly Fruit Box : March 29
Weekly Fruit Box : March 29
Weekly Veggie Box : March 29
Weekly Veggie Box : March 29

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